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Sam Evans runs the Melbourne Tabla School in Hawthorn, Carlton and Thornbury teaching both individual and group classes. The tabla lessons are aimed at students gaining the correct technique and tone quality to allow them to create their own music and their own improvisations as tabla players. Lessons are constructed to suit each musicians needs while maintaining the sublime tradition of Indian tabla. Students that prefer to learn a more modern or percussion orientated approach to tabla can do so while also learning some of the traditional aspects of tabla playing. Students that have a greater interest in the tradition of Indian tabla can follow the same teaching methods that Sam has learnt while living in India. Students also learn how to use the Indian recitation system known as tabla bols in learning the art of tabla playing.

Sam has 15 years experience in teaching percussion and tabla to students of all ages and levels from primary, secondary and tertiary to mature age and professional players. He hold a first class Honours degree in music (tabla) as well as a Masters degree in music performance (tabla). He has learnt the art of tabla playing in India from Pandit Anindo Chatterjee,
one of the world's greatest tabla players.

Tabla Ensembles
Regular students are invited to join a tabla ensemble that are run to help students develop skills in playing with other musicians. Students join ensembles that are suitable for their level of playing, from beginners to advanced and have the opportunity to perform in these ensembles in the end of year concert.

Guest Artists
As part of the process of learning tabla, students have the opportunity to practise with guest artists at the school on a regular basis. These artists are often (but not limited to) performers of Indian music. The school hosts guest artists every semester and students are able to have their lesson with both the visiting artist and their tabla teacher at the same time in learning the art of accompaniment. These lessons are part of being involved with the school and are at no extra cost to the students. The school has hosted International Guest Artists from India: Pandit Debasis Chakroborty, the highly renowned Indian Classical Guitarist as well as Sarangi player Sangeet Mishraand many local artists.

End of Year Tabla Concerts
All regular students are invited to perform at our end of year tabla school concerts. Held at the Boite World Music venue, the end of year concerts are an opportunity for students to perform in a welcoming environment, to meet other tabla players and see performances from students of all levels.

View - Photo gallery of the 2009 Melbourne Tabla School Concert.
View - Movie of the 2011 Melbourne Tabla School Concert.

Lessons Times
3:00 to 9:30pm Monday to Wednesday.

Individual Lessons
1 hour        $65
30 minutes       $40

Paired Lessons - 2 People
1 hour - per person       $40
30 minutes - per person       $25

Group Lessons
1 hour - per person         $25
Group Classes are run in 10 week sessions
Total for 10 weeks: $250

Tabla Hire
Take home tabla set per week       $10
Tabla Sets for use during lessons      Free

Contact Information
See the web site for more information:
For timetable information and availability of lesson times
or more information, phone or email

Tabla at VCE and University Level in Australia
As part of running the Melbourne Tabla School, Sam has established a pathway for learning the tabla in formal education in Australia. After many months of work with the VCE board it is now possible to sit VCE exams on tabla in Australia. There is now a syllabus for tabla in place at the VCE that has been designed by Sam that can be used by any students wishing to sit their final secondary schooling exams on tabla (as distinct from percussion). Sam has also created a tabla syllabus that is currently in place at NMIT Tafe, as well as Monash University. For the first time in Australia, students can now study tabla in formal eduction from secondary schooling to tafe and all the way through to under-graduate and post-graduate level.

Monash University
As well as running the tabla school Sam lectures at Monash University, Clayton campus, in Indian music, Indian rhythm and world music. Sam designed and runs a mutiple level course in Indian Rhythm at Monash University and is the director of the World Music Orchestra: a 24 piece ensemble that plays a variety of ethnic music from around the world.

Tabla Sales, Repair & Hire
The Melbourne Tabla School stocks the finest quality tabla available in Australia. Complete tabla sets, cases and accessories are available for purchase here in Melbourne. Budget sets are readily available elsewhere in Melbourne. Beginning students may hire tabla sets for practice at home. Tabla repairs and reskinning are also available. Contact Sam for prices and availablity.

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