The Slide Project - TRIO
New album featuring Stephen Magnusson, Pandit Debasis Chakroborty and Sam Evans


Fine Blue Thread - BLUEPRINT
Behind the scenes of the new Fine Blue Thread album BLUEPRINT



Melbourne Tabla School Concert 2014
Highlights from the
Melbourne Tabla School Concert 2014 at the Darebin Music Feast



Sam Evans with Fine Blue Thread
Fine Blue Thread performing music from the album RED MOUNTAIN
at the BMW Edge, Melbourne



Sam Evans Tabla Lehara - Chalan
Sam Evans performs a Chalan composition during a solo tabla lehara performance





Sam Evans Tabla Lehara - Tukra Gat and Spoken Tabla Compositions
Sam Evans presents a variety of short compositions from the solo tabla lehara repertoire. This movie contains
tukra, gat, chalan, mukra, dupodi, chakradah and bedum chakradah compositions.




Sam Evans Tabla Lehara - Rela
Sam Evans performs rela rao during a solo tabla lehara performance





Melodic Solo Tabla
Sam Evans performs a creative Solo Tabla performance
in a live concert recording with Izumi Fujikawa and Anne Norman





Melbourne Tabla School Concert 2012
Highlights from the Melbourne Tabla School concert 2012





Melbourne Tabla School Concert 2011
Highlights from the Melbourne Tabla School concert 2011




Melbourne Tabla School Concert 2010
Sam Evans' students at the Melbourne Tabla School perform during the 2010 concert





Koto, Shakuhachi & Tabla
Improvised music during a concert with visiting international artist Izumi Fujikawa in 2007.
Izumi Fujikawa - Koto, Anne Norman - Shakuhachi, Sam Evans - Tabla




More Movies.....

The music of Afghanistan
Live Concert recording of traditional Afghan music - 2004
. Sultan Maizoi - Rabab, Sam Evans - Tabla



Tabla Kitchuri @ Eltham World Harmonies
Live concert recording Melbourne - 2007
. Sam Evans - Tabla, Jenny Thomas - Viola



Solo Tabla Lehara
Live concert recording Calcutta India - 2003
. Sam Evans - Tabla, Bijoy Mishra - Sarangi

Unreleased Music

Melbourne jazz / world ensemble
Sam Evans - Tabla, Steve Magnusson - Guitar
Rob Burke - Sax, Simon Starr - Double Bass
2006. 5mins

The Thing of a Thousand Strings
Sam Evans - Tabla, Kevin White - Down Wrong Piano, Greg Walker - Percussion
2005. 3mins

One Sunday Afternoon
Sam Evans - Tabla, Chris Sprague - Guitar
2003. 10 mins


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